FITS distribution regulations

  • VEX and observation log files(including memo of operator in AOC or station) will be arrived at KJCC after observation was done. When the recording media(tapes, disks) were arrived at KJCC, the playing back, data copy and correlation works will be started. If the previous correlation is still going on, new observation data is added in waiting list.
  • If correlation is finished, the FITS file will be prepared through the post-processing, and then KJCC will announce the correlation processing completion to PI by e-mail. In the e-mail, PI will be able to get the FITS file by temporary URL link.
  • PI should download the FITS file as soon as possible, and check the FITS file using his/her preferred analysis tool. And then PI should give his response to KJCC with "Success"(data quality is good) or "Fail"(download fail, bad FITS file or data quality is bad etc). Especially in case of "Fail" opinion, please send error message to KJCC, then your quick response for FITS will be helpful for KJCC to solve the problem as soon as possible.
  • KJCC would like to receive PI's response within 2 weeks after FITS file downloading. At least if there is no response within 4 weeks, KJCC determined that PI is regarded as his response as "Success" for FITS file(2013.09).
    • In case of "Fail", according to the fail type, KJCC will conduct the URL check, file reconstruction or re-correlation, and then announcement will be sent again to PI via e-mail.
    • In case of "Success", correlation processing for that observation will be closed(at that time, download link in temporary URL will be unavailable), and the tapes or disk module will be included to release pool.
  • The FITS file provided to PI will be stored at observation data archive separately. PI SHOULD analyze, perform the research, and publish the paper within some period(in general, 18-months). After 18-months, the FITS file stored in archive system will be opened to the public who need to do his/her research using that FITS according to the procedures.