KVN and VERA Array (KaVA)

Notice to KaVA Users

We would like to inform you about the KaVA operation and user support as follows.
  1. Three new email accounts are created.
    • kjcc@kasi.re.kr :
      correlated data distribution and correlation related requests.
    • kavaobs@kasi.re.kr :
      KaVA observation related, schedule submission -> redirection to Shibata-san, Jeong-Sook Kim & Byun san
    • kavahelp@kasi.re.kr:
      KaVA user support in general -> redirection to KaVA UST members (Hirota-san and Taehyun)
  2. Schedule submission
    We request PIs to specify your correlation parameters at the beginning of the vex file for proper correlation processing. In particular, PIs who request for sub-array or dual-beam observations for KaVA should provide a frequency matching table for the correct correlation.
  3. Correlation and Data Validation/Distribution
    After two weeks later of a correlated data distribution to PIs, disk modules which contains raw observing data can be recycled without notice. Therefore, PIs should investigate the correlated output carefully. For re-correlation or raw data keeping of the data, PI should provide adequate evidence in order to justify his/her request.
    If there is an issue related to correlated data, PI should consult a support scientist first or an email (kjcc@kasi.re.kr), not to ask KJCC members directly.
  4. Policy of Recovery Observation (open-use observation only)
    If an open-use observation has more than one missing stations due to system trouble and/or very severe weather condition (e.g. strong wind by typhoon), PI can request recovery observation after checking the correlated data by the deadline of KaVA call for proposals within one year from the delivery of the correlated data. Pi must resubmit the proposal which must include the necessity of recovery observation. The KaVA combined TAC will consider the time allocation of the recovery observations for the next season.

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KaVA ( KVN and VERA Array )