Colloquium information

Title Introduction of Scientific Writing School for Young Astronomers
DateTime 2020-01-31  10:30~11:30
Place JYS 2F coffee room
Speaker Jihye Hwang (UST)
Abstract The journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics is dedicated, among other things, to the nurturing of the scientific writing skills of young astronomers. Over the years, it has organized many workshops and summer schools to hone such skills. In the spirit of this tradition, we hereby announce that the 5th Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers (SWYA5) school, the latest in this series of events, is due to take place at Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences from 06 Jan. to 10 Jan. 2020 in Kunming, China, and will be jointly sponsored by the EDP Sciences Publisher, Astronomy & Astrophysics, and Yunnan Observatories.
SWYA5 offers instruction on how to write scientific papers, as well as information regarding the meta-game of scientific publishing. More specifically, its mission is to improve the capabilities of its participants to write various forms of scientific papers (journals, proceedings, theses, etc.). The event is not a language learning class, nor does it offer technical training in typesetting and word processing. All young scientists are encouraged to apply, but due to our limited enrollment capacity, priority will be given to astronomers who are more likely to contribute more to the field as a result of taking these classes.
For the duration of the event, meals and hotel accommodation in Kunming will be covered by the organizers for all enrolled personnel. Acceptance to attend the school requires commitment to actively participate in the 1-week long program and in all the scheduled activities.