Colloquium information

Title Distance to molecular clouds using M dwarfs from Pan-STARRS photometry and GAIA DR2 parallaxes
DateTime 2019-05-10  11:00~12:00
Place JYS 331-2
Host Chang Won Lee
Speaker Dr. Maheswar Gophinathan (Indian Institute of Astrophysics)
Abstract Distance to molecular clouds is important yet one of the most
difficult parameters to constrain. In this talk, I will be presenting a
scheme that was developed to determine distances to molecular clouds
using M dwarfs projected on them. The M dwarfs in a given field are
identified using colours based on the huge and homogeneous data from the
Pan-STARRS survey. Parallax measurements provided by the Gaia DR2 are
used to obtain distances of the individual M dwarfs and subsequently to
bracket the distances of the clouds. The method was used to determine
distances of Taurus molecular cloud and some of the clouds in the
Cepheus Flare region. I will also discuss various other methods used to
bracket distances to molecular clouds.