Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory (TRAO)


2019 Season A

Year-Month Schedule Updated
2019 - 01 201901_trao_schedule.pdf 2018-12-26
2019 - 02 201902_trao_schedule.pdf 2019-01-25
2019 - 03 201903_trao_schedule.pdf 2019-02-21
2019 - 04 201904_trao_schedule.pdf 2019-03-26
TRAO Key Science Programs
  • Filaments, the Universal Nursery of Stars (FUNS; CWLee)
  • mapping Turbulent properties In star-forming MolEcular clouds down to the Sonic scale (TIMES; JELee)
  • TRAO Observations of Planck cold clumps (TOP; TLiu)
General Programs
  • Molecular Line Observations of the Far-Infrared Bright Supernova Remnants (FIRSNR; IGJeong)
  • CS/C18O Survey of the Bar Region of the Milky Way (InnerBar; YWLee)
  • Molecular line survey for diagnostics of the radiation-driven implosion mode of triggered star formation in bright-rimmed clouds and cometary globules (BRC; ASoam)
  • Star Formation Occurs in Dense Gas, But What Does “Dense” Mean? (SFDG; NEvans)
  • Dense gas in Galactic massive star forming regions (DenseGas; QNguyen)
  • Observing multiple velocity components in PLCK G043.02+08.36 (PLCK; NEShin)
  • Breaking the metallicity barrier in dwarf galaxies (dGalaxy; SHOh)
  • Relation between the Dust and Gas Components of Dense Cloud Cores (DCC; MHChoi)
  • CO observations toward the overlap region between two outer Galactic HI shells (HIShell; GSPark)
  • Investigating the Star-formation Scenarios in Local Active Star-forming region WB 43 (WB43; SJKang)
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