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TRAO People
Name Position Research Field E-mail
Kang, Hyunwoo TRAO Chief TRAO development, Star forming regions orionkhw(a)kasi.re.kr
Jung, Jae Hoon Principal
TRAO operations, ISM in the Galaxy jhjung(a)kasi.re.kr
Lee, Changhoon Principal
TRAO receiver development & operations chlee(a)kasi.re.kr
Lee, Youngung Principal
MC studies in the Galaxy, Public Outreach yulee(a)kasi.re.kr
Kim, Hyun-Goo Principal
TRAO operations hgkim(a)kasi.re.kr

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Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory 776, Daedeokdae-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea (34055)
Phone:+82-42-865-2187, Fax:+82-42-865-3304, E-mail: hgkim(a)kasi.re.kr, Last Updated: 09-03-2018
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