Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory (TRAO)

TRAO Key Science Programs

  • B-FROST: B-Fields and staR fOrmation across Scales with TRAO (Julien Montillaud)

General Programs

  • Probing the Conditions for the HI-to-H2 Transition in the Interstellar Medium (Gyueun Park)
  • A Survey of Outflow Activity in Very Low Luminosity Objects: Towards Understanding on the Origin of the Formation of Substellar Objects (Chang Won Lee)
  • Constraining a candidate molecular cloud - open cluster collision from a 100 pc CO contrail (Timothe Roland)

Internal Programs

  • Test observations for wide-band system with low-mass star forming regions (Mi-Ryang Kim)
  • Test for the TRAO wide-band system toward high-mass star-forming regions (Yunhee Choi)
  • Massive Star Formation Feedback Within G34.3+0.1 Region (Shanghuo Li)

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Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory