Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory (TRAO)

General Programs

  • Probing the atomic-to-molecular transition in the interstellar medium (Gyueun Park)

Large Programs

  • COMMON: COMplete view of the MONoceros OB1 molecular complex (Julien Montillaud)
  • A Survey of Outflow Activity in Very Low Luminosity Objects: Towards Understanding on the Origin of the Formation of Substellar Objects (Chang Won Lee)
  • Star formation and dense gas in the outer Galaxy: Separating effects of metallicity from Galactocentric radius (Sudeshna Patra)

Internal Programs

  • How to form high-mass star and cluster in the distant outer Galactic clouds? (Shanghuo Li)
  • TRAO Line Survey for low-mass star forming regions (Mi-Ryang Kim)

Fillar Programs

  • Star formation in the ring-shaped cloud G37.9+2.2 (Julien Montillaud)

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Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory