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[TRAO] Observation time requirement on next season 2019-2020
hgkim, 2019-05-07
Dear TRAO users,

Hi, everyone. I hope you felt good experience with TRAO facility. TRAO team try to improve better conditions - easy operation, remote observation, and so on.

To prepare next season, I wonder how many hours you or your colleague expect to observe with TRAO. It is not proposal call. I just want to estimate it. TRAO will arrange what you want.

As announced already, small TRAO observers social meeting will be open on May. You can send me any advice for the better operation of TRAO via e-mail.

See you again.

Hyunwoo Kang
Hyunwoo Kang, Ph.D., Director
Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory(TRAO)
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Tel:+82-42-865-3273 / e-mail:orionkhw@kasi.re.kr

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