Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory (TRAO)

Concerning April shcedule
hgkim, 2020-03-02
Dear TRAO observers,

I hope your observation run is going well smoothly for you.
We did not allocate April slots yet as observation finale is around the corner.
If you will not be able to wrap up your program(or likely not)
until the end of March, please let me know until March 10th.
Around the middle of March we will issue the April schedule, we hope.
If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact me.

TRAO schedule: click here

All observers are supposed to write down their observation time log: click here

Please refer the following paper concerning the performance of TRAO telescope when writing your papers:
Il-Gyo Jeong, Hyunwoo Kang et al., "PERFORMANCE OF THE TRAO 13.7-M TELESCOPE WITH NEW SYSTEMS", 2019, JKAS, 52, 227

Good Luck,
Youngung Lee

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