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[TRAO] OTF mapping scan direction
hgkim, 2019-03-27
Dear TRAO observers,

Recently, there was a question on mapping direction of OTF mode. This is an answer report of that question. As seen in the attached picture, Ystep can be used for direction setting. As described in the picture, Ystep can be adopted for OTF mapping direction setting on RA, DEC, Gal L, or Gal B. For observing rising or sinking source, it will be useful.

Thank Prof. Julien for the question, and thank Dr. Mi-Ryang Kim and Mr. Shinyoung Kim for observation and date reduction.

Best Regards,
Hyunwoo Kang
Hyunwoo Kang, Ph.D., Director
Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory(TRAO)
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Tel:+82-42-865-3273 / e-mail:orionkhw@kasi.re.kr

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