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[TRAO] Observation Environment Revised (Remote observation)
hgkim, 2019-11-28
Dear TRAO users,

For remote users, ‘ddang’ server in observation room is set on external network.
OT files are copied to ‘hanul’ server, and linked to your home directory as ‘OT’.
Users in good network condition (may be in Korea) can use LMTMC-TRAO with the previous method - ’trao_start’.
Other users abroad can use VNC with ‘ddang’ server. For security, ‘ddang’ server will allow for restricted IP's temporary.
To use this mode, you have to get permission in advance, and send us the static IP address of your side.

The IP address of ‘ddang’ server and connection method will be announced when necessary.

Best Regards,
Hyunwoo Kang

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