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[TRAO] Announcement of OT on Hanul server
hgkim, 2019-11-07
Dear Observers,

First of all, remote observation will be permitted by staff for reserved schedule.
‘OT’ directory on ddang server(observer PC) is linked to hanul server as ‘/mnt/OT’.
When you want to use the OT directory on the hanul server,
just type the following command in any directory :

> ln -s /mnt/OT OT

This will create a logical link named OT at your current directory.
But the existing OT files would not be overwritten.
If you want to continue to use the previous OT files, please let me know.
You can use the previous OT files as long as those files are yours.
The OT directories of 2018B and 2019B were modified to be owned by previous users.

Best Regards,
Hyunwoo Kang

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