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[TRAO] Announcement for TRAO observers
hgkim, 2019-11-05
Dear Observers,

Thank you for joining observation season on 2019-2020.
This kind of e-mail - ‘[TRAO] Announcement’ will be sent when useful observation information is required.

First of all, you have to access on Hanul server ( to use TRAO system, and account is needed. Members who already have their accounts can keep using them. Account information will be sent by separate e-mail for privacy.

There are two attached files - one is observation data storage policy (Policy2018.txt) and the other is a manual of TOS (TRAO Observation Status: by Shinyoung Kim). TOS is a program to share situations of observation among manager and remote user for safety. It is installed on the Hanul server now. Please contact with Dr. Lee (yulee@kasi.re.kr) on schedule and remote observation acceptance, first. Remote observation should be accepted before, and a colleague on KASI should be confirmed.

Please let staffs know if you have any question.

Best Regards,
Hyunwoo Kang

Observation Data Storage Policy

Attached File : Policy2018.txt

TRAO Observation Status: by Shinyoung Kim

Attached File : TOS_manual.pdf
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