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[TRAO] OTF file storage movements
hgkim, 2019-03-18
Dear TRAO observers,

Today, OTF data taken in 2018 are moved to another directory. And old ones are rearranged too.
On the ‘Hanul’ server, these old data are in ‘/otf_data/otf_old’ directory.

/otf_data/otf_old/2016a : data in 2016
/otf_data/otf_old/20162017a : half previous in 2016-2017 season
/otf_data/otf_old/20162017b : last data in 2016-2017 season
/otf_data/otf_old/20172018a : 2017-2018 season
/otf_data/otf_old/20182019a : 2018-2019 season (data taken in 2018)

Data taken in 2019 are in /raw/mc/otf directory.

‘otftool’ seems not so fast yet. Moving monthly data is another solution,
but it may confuse observer on reduction.
If you still have a problem, let Dr. Mi-Ryang Kim know it.

Best Regards,
Hyunwoo Kang
Hyunwoo Kang, Ph.D., Director
Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory(TRAO)
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Tel:+82-42-865-3273 / e-mail:orionkhw@kasi.re.kr

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