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attachment This is a "weekly", very informal colloquium hosted by the radio division of KASI. Anyone can utilize this colloquium spot for a variety of purposes: e.g., to introduce interesting scientific/non-scientific results or news, to report about a meeting you recently attended, to practice your oral presentation for a coming meeting, and even to celebrate something. Depending on what to do, you can propose the meeting place as well: e.g., the seminar room (331-2) or the coffee/tea place of the Jangyoungsil hall. In the case of an oral presentation, ideally it is expected to be no longer than 30 min. Please contact me [ Dong-Kyu Jung, dkjung(at) ], if you have something to share.

매 주 금요일에 진행되는 전파 콜로퀴움은 전파천문본부에서 일어나는 다양한 연구와 소식 등을 편안한 분위기에서 공유하는 자리입니다. 예를 들면, 흥미로운 연구 결과, 유용한 생활 정보, 최근 참여한 미팅 소개, 다가오는 미팅 발표 연습, 축하연 등을 위한 시간으로 활용 가능합니다. 장소는 세미나룸, 휴게실 등 상황에 따라 제안하실 수 있으며, 발표 언어도 한국어, 영어 모두 대환영입니다. 발표는 가능한 30분을 초과하지 않도록 준비해 주시면 됩니다. 이 시간을 활용하시고자 하시면 언제든 연락주시기 바랍니다. [ 윤동환, dhyoon(at) ]

Date일자 Contents제목
Title Highlights from “The HI/Story of the Nearby Universe” conference, the Apertif Opening, and the 50th anniversary of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope
Speaker Yim, Kijeong (ALMA, KASI)
Abstract I will give an overview of the conference "The HI/Story of the Nearby Universe”, which took place in Groningen and ASTRON on September 10-12 and present some highlights from the Apertif opening and the 50th anniversary of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope on September 13.

Title Infall and accretion in star formation
Speaker Yoo, Hyunju (Radio Science Group, KASI)
Abstract I would like to introduce myself as a new postdoc in the radio division at KASI. During my Ph.D. period, I studied the energy injection scale of astrophysical turbulence, inflow motion of high mass protostellar objects, and detection of the sub-mm variability of a Class I protostar. In this talk, I will briefly present the results of my researches and interests.

Title The Origin and Evolution of the Multi-band Variability in the Radio Source 4C 38.41
Speaker Juan-Carlos Algaba (Seoul National University)
Abstract We present multi-frequency simultaneous VLBI radio observations of the flat spectrum radio quasar 1633+382 (4C 38.41) as part of the interferometric monitoring of γ-ray-bright active galactic nuclei (iMOGABA) program combined with additional observations in the radio, optical, X-rays, and γ-rays carried out during the period 2012 March–2015 August. The monitoring of this source r ... more

Title Delivery of the Atmosphere of the XXXth IAU GA
Speaker Kwon, Woojin (ALMA, KASI)
Abstract The XXXth IAU GA was held in Vienna, Austria, in the last two weeks. I will report about the atmosphere of the meeting particularly for the second week, when I attended.

Title No colloquium

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