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attachment This is a "weekly", very informal colloquium hosted by the radio division of KASI. Anyone can utilize this colloquium spot for a variety of purposes: e.g., to introduce interesting scientific/non-scientific results or news, to report about a meeting you recently attended, to practice your oral presentation for a coming meeting, and even to celebrate something. Depending on what to do, you can propose the meeting place as well: e.g., the seminar room (331-2) or the coffee/tea place of the Jangyoungsil hall. In the case of an oral presentation, ideally it is expected to be no longer than 30 min. Please contact me [ Dong-Kyu Jung, dkjung(at) ], if you have something to share.

매 주 금요일에 진행되는 전파 콜로퀴움은 전파천문본부에서 일어나는 다양한 연구와 소식 등을 편안한 분위기에서 공유하는 자리입니다. 예를 들면, 흥미로운 연구 결과, 유용한 생활 정보, 최근 참여한 미팅 소개, 다가오는 미팅 발표 연습, 축하연 등을 위한 시간으로 활용 가능합니다. 장소는 세미나룸, 휴게실 등 상황에 따라 제안하실 수 있으며, 발표 언어도 한국어, 영어 모두 대환영입니다. 발표는 가능한 30분을 초과하지 않도록 준비해 주시면 됩니다. 이 시간을 활용하시고자 하시면 언제든 연락주시기 바랍니다. [ 윤동환, dhyoon(at) ]

Date일자 Contents제목
Title 여성과학기술인 R&D 복귀 지원 사업 소개 & Multi-wavelength observations of AA Ori
Speaker 김경희 (KASI)

Title A Report on the SPICA 2019 meeting
Speaker Woojin Kwon (KASI(ALMA group))
Abstract I attended the SPICA 2019 meeting, "Exploring the Infrared Universe: The Promise of SPICA”, which was held in Crete, Greece, last week (20 - 23 May, 2019). An atmosphere of the meeting and a brief introduction of SPICA will be given in this informal presentation.

Title Radiative and mechanical feedback into the warm molecular gas in the local starburst 30 Doradus
Speaker Min-young Lee (ALMA group, KASI)
Abstract By virtue of a wide range of critical densities, CO rotational lines are powerful diagnostic tools to probe the physical conditions of molecular gas in diverse environments.
In the past several years, Herschel spectroscopic observations have been combined with ground-based data
to extensively examine CO Spectral Line Energy Distributions (CO SLEDs) of various Galactic and extragala ... more

Title High-resolution and Multi-wavelength study of variability in S5 0716+714 and introduce the EATING VLBI Workshop 2019 in Bologna
Speaker Jee Won Lee (Radio research group, KASI)
Abstract I will introduce the EATING VLBI workshop held in Bologna, Italy (15-17 April 2019) and outreach activity in the Oriental festival.

Also, I will show the video of "Korean -Italian astronomer's interview".
And I will briefly present the results of multi-frequency and high-resolution VLBI study of S5 0716+714 presented in the workshop.

Title Distance to molecular clouds using M dwarfs from Pan-STARRS photometry and GAIA DR2 parallaxes
Speaker Dr. Maheswar Gophinathan (Indian Institute of Astrophysics)
Abstract Distance to molecular clouds is important yet one of the most
difficult parameters to constrain. In this talk, I will be presenting a
scheme that was developed to determine distances to molecular clouds
using M dwarfs projected on them. The M dwarfs in a given field are
identified using colours based on the huge and homogeneous data from the
Pan-STARRS surve ... more

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