Korean VLBI Network (KVN)

Work Flow of KVN AOC

  • Operation :
    schedule Announce (KVN Scheduler) -> assign support scientist (UST) -> schedule Preparation (PI) -> schedule Submission (PI to kvnobs@kasi.re.kr) -> schedule check (AOC) -> submit schedule (AOC) -> observation (AOC) -> observation feedback (AOC) -> weekly AOC meeting -> observation report (AOC to PI)

    ※ PI should discuss with an assigned support scientist first if there are questions and requests.
  • Correlation :
    data arrival -> correlation queue -> check observation status & correlation parameters -> run correlation -> correlated data inspection (DQA) -> data distribution (DQA to PI)
    - Correlation feedback is also reported during the weekly AOC meeting

  • ※ If there is an issue related to correlated data,
        PI should consult a support scientist first or an email (kjcc@kasi.re.kr), not to ask KJCC members directly.

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Korean VLBI Network