Korean VLBI Network (KVN)

KVN VLBI Observations

VLBI observations with KVN are remotely conducted at the KVN Array Operation Center in KASI, Daejeon. The obsevations are based on a schedule file in VEX (VLBI EXperiment) format. A VEX file contains various information relevant to individual observation such as sources, system setup, observing time, calibration mode, etc. The VEX file can be prepared either by using a VLBI scheduling software Sched or by modifying template VEX files. PIs are kindly asked to prepare and submit the VEX files to KVN AOC (kvnobs@kasi.re.kr) so that the AOC conducts the observations after double-checking the VEX files. PIs will be informed via email after the observations and correlations.

For preparation of KVN VLBI observations, users can find some helpful information at the following links:

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Korean VLBI Network