Korean VLBI Network (KVN)

General Information

For the accepted proposals, users are requested to prepare the observing schedule file before the observation. The observer who is not familiar with KVN system is recommended to consult contact persons in KVN group to prepare schedules, especially for some observations such as phase referencing, polarimetry, and/or spectral line etc. The detailed information about the observation planning and scheduling can be downloaded here (download).


All KVN experiments should be schedule using the VEX (VLBI experiment) file. You can either edit and modify the KVN VEX example files or use the VLBA scheduling program SCHED. It is recommended to use SCHED for your scheduling because SCHED provides useful information and many aspects of planning VLBI observations and you can also avoid many mistakes arising from editing the VEX manually. The user is asked to submit the VEX or key files two weeks before the observation. KVN AOC staff with check your schedule and proceed with the observations.


After the observation, the correlation process will be carried out by Daejeon correlator or DiFX correlator according to the requested parameters. The user is asked to examine the correlated data and to report whether the correlation was properly done so that the disk modules and storage-used for observation can be released and recycled, or re-correlation is needed if there is some problem. In principle, the disk modules (raw data) used for observations will be recycled two months later after the correlation. For the more information, please refer to the correlation status report.

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