Korean VLBI Network (KVN)

Frequency Range

The 86 and 129GHz receivers have much wider frequency ranges than those of 22 and 43GHz receivers since the 1st local oscillator of 86 and 129GHz receivers are tunable while those of 22GHz and 43GHz are fixed. The instantaneous bandwidth of the 1st IF of each receiver is limited to 2GHz by the band-pass filter. The 1st IF signal is down-converted by BBCs to the sampler input frequency (512-1024MHz) band. Following table shows the frequency range of each receiver.

Frequency Range
Band Frequency Range (GHz)
22 21.25--23.25

KVNYS: 18--26
43 42.11--44.11
86 85--95
129 125--142

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Korean VLBI Network