Korean VLBI Network (KVN)

Block Diagram

The 22, 43 and 86GHz band receivers are cooled HEMT receivers and the 129GHz band receiver is a SIS mixer receiver. All receivers receive dual-circular-polarization signals. Among eight signals (four dual-polarization signals), four signals selected by the IF selector are down-converted to the input frequency band of the sampler. The samplers digitize signals into 2-bit data streams with four quantization levels. The sampling rate of the sampler is 1024 Mega sample per second resulting 2Gbps data rate (2bit x 1024Mega per second) and 512MHz frequency band width. In total, we can get 4 streams of 512MHz band width (2Gbps data rate) simultaneously, which means that the total rate is 8Gbps.

rx block diagram 8gbps

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Korean VLBI Network