Korean VLBI Network (KVN)


Below are the measured coordinates of KVN antennas. Tables below give the geographic locations of three stations of the KVN, ordered from North through South. All locations of KVN antennas are measured with GPS system. The antenna positions of KVN are regularly monitored both with GPS system and geodetic VLBI observations in collaboration with VERA.

The antenna positions of KVN
Antenna Longitude
Elevation (m)
KY 126:56:27.4 37:33:54.9 139
KU 129:14:59.3 35:32:44.2 170
KT 126:27:34.4 33:17:20.9 452

The antenna positions of KVN
Antenna MJD X (m) Y (m) Z (m)
KVNYS 56190 -3042280.9137 4045902.7164 3867374.3544
KVNUS 56180 -3287268.6186 4023450.1799 3687380.0198
KVNTN 56172 -3171731.5580 4292678.4878 3481038.7252

Array Operation Center

The KVN antennas are controlled remotely from the Arrary Operation Center (AOC) in East Asia VLBI Center, KASI, Daejeon. The KVN stations are connected with the AOC through high speed dedicated network, KREONET (Korea Research Environment Open NETwork). Since the KVN antennas are operated remotely from the AOC, it is necessary for the AOC operator to know the weather conditions which could influence the VLBI data quality during observations. There is a weather station at each KVN observatory sending information on the air temperature, dew point, wind speed, wind direction and air pressure to the AOC.

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Korean VLBI Network