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Dr. Tie Liu (Radio Research Group)
The "TOP" "SCOPE" : All-sky survey of Planck cold clumps with ground-based telescopes

Stars form in dense regions within molecular clouds, called pre-stellar cores (PSCs), which provide information on the initial conditions in the process of star formation.

The low dust temperature (.lt.14 K) of Planck cold clumps/cores makes them likely to be pre-stellar objects or at the very initial stage of protostellar collapse. We are conducting a legacy survey of Planck cold clumps with the JCMT, the TRAO 14-m, the KVN and SMT telescopes. We aim to statistically study the initial conditions of star formation and cloud evolution in various kinds of environments.

We have conducted some pilot observations with ground-based telescopes (JCMT, IRAM, PMO 14m, APEX, Mopra, Effelsberg 100 m, CSO and SMA).

I will discuss the progress and the plans of this internationally collaborating project.

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