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Dr. Sung-ju Kang (TRAO)
An Improved Model of Spectral-Line Profile from Collapsing Core IRAS 01202+6133

An analysis of HCO+(3-2) and H13CO(3-2) observations of the massive (M~ 20Msun) submillimeter/IR source IRAS 01202+6133 located on the periphery of the H II region KR 120 (Sh 2-187).

The HCO+ line profile has a classical blue-asymmetric shape with optically thin H13CO+ line peaking at the position expected if the HCO+ line arises from a combination of self-absorption and infall motion.

We have modified existing analytic radiative transfer models to allow for the fitting of submillimeter/millimeter line profiles that have both self-absorption features and optically thin wings and applied these models to our HCO+ spectrum of IRAS 01202+6133.

We conclude that it is a young Class I YSO with a substantial envelope undergoing slow infall and having some outflow motions.

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