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Dr. Woong-Seob Jeong (Space Astronomy Group)
Large Area Imaging Surveys of Near-Infrared Sky with MIRIS

The primary payload of STSAT-3 (Science and Technology Satellite 3), MIRIS (Multipurpose InfraRed Imaging System), is the first Korean infrared space mission to explore the near-infrared sky with a compact near-infrared camera.

It was successfully launched in November of 2013. The 8-cm passively cooled telescope with a wide field of view (3.67 deg. x 3.67 deg.) operated in the wavelength range from 0.9 to 2 um. After the performance verification during 3 months, it performed two large area surveys: 10 deg. x 10 deg. survey of the north ecliptic pole (NEP) at I and H bands and Pa-alpha survey of the Galactic plane.

The NEP survey enables us to reveal the nature of degree-scale sky fluctuation and to measure the absolute brightness of cosmic infrared background (CIB).

The Paschen-alpha emission line survey of Galactic plane helps us to understand the origin of Warm Ionized Medium (WIM) due to less dust extinction.

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