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Dr. Tae Hyun Jung (KVN)
Multi-frequency AGN Survey with KVN (MASK)

The unique characteristic of the Korean VLBI Network (KVN) is to perform simultaneous VLBI observations at 22, 43, 86, and 129 GHz.

The KVN multi-frequency VLBI system brings great benefits for high frequency VLBI observations, of which coherence is significantly limited due to atmospheric phase fluctuations.

We already demonstrated the feasibility of frequency phase transfer (FPT) to calibrate high frequency phase errors using the lower frequency phase solutions, and two compact radio sources (1308+326 and NRAO 512) were successfully detected for the first time at 129 GHz using this technique.

Carrying out the multi-frequency VLBI survey for complete sample of VLBI sources based on the 22 GHz detection, which is the lower limit of KVN FPT, will be able to provide a unique multi-frequency VLBI catalog which is certainly important for statistical studies of AGNs and investigating the nature of AGN jet emissions effectively. In this talk, I will outline the ¡°Multi-frequency AGN Survey with KVN (MASK)¡± project as an institute program of KVN.

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