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Dr. Woojin Kwon (ALMA group)
Kinematics of the Envelope and Two Possible Bipolar Jets in the Class 0 Protostellar System L1157

A massive envelope and a strong bipolar outflow are the two main structures characterizing the youngest protostellar systems.

In order to understand the physical properties of a bipolar outflow and the relationship with those of the envelope, we obtained a mosaic map covering the whole bipolar outflow of the youngest protostellar system L1157 with about 5" angular resolution in CO J=2-1 using the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy.

By fitting these observations of the whole bipolar outflow, we estimate its physical properties and show that they are consistent with multiple jets.

We also constrain a preferred precession direction.

In addition, we observed the central envelope structure with 2" resolution in the Lambda = 1.3 and 3 mm continua and various molecular lines: C17O, C18O, 13CO, CS, CN, N2H+, CH3OH, H2O, SO, and SO2.

All the CO isotopes and CS, CN, and N2H+ have been imaged.

We marginally detected the features that can be interpreted by a rotating inner envelope in C17O and C18O and by an infalling outer envelope in N2H+. We also estimated the envelope and central protostellar masses and found that the dust opacity spectral index changes with radius.

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