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2014 Seminar:

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Dr. Ji-hyun Kang (KVN group)
Methanol maser polarization study with the KVN telescope towards massive star forming regions

Class I methanol masers have been known as good tracers of collisions of outflows from central protostellar objects to their surrounding mediums, however, the observations of their linearly polarized emission have been very rare especially at 44 and 95 GHz.

We will present the results of the linear polarisation observations of methanol masers at 44 and 95 towards 41 massive star forming regions using the 21-m Korean VLBI Network (KVN) telescope in single dish mode.

About 70% of the observed showed fractional polarisation of a few percents at least at one of the two transition lines. We will present their statistical properties, and discuss their implication, aming to get feedbacks/inputs on the presented results and the associated future studies from audiences.

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