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2014 Special Seminar:

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10:00am, 11 Nov.(Tue) 2014
Dr. Gary Fuller (University of Manchester) : (host : Dr. Kee-Tae Kim)
331-2, Jangyongsil hall
JCMT Spectral Legacy Survey

The 15-m diameter James Clark Maxwell (JCMT) Telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii is the largest telescope in the world operating at submillimetre wavelengths.

Over the last 7 years the telescope has dedicated more than 50% of the available observing time to large scales surveys.

Initially these focused on using the 16 pixel 345 GHz heterodyne camera, HARP, while more recently the surveys have been using SCUBA-2. to image dust continuum emission.

In this talk I will discuss the results from these surveys, focusing in particular on the three surveys related to galactic star formation: the Gould Belt Survey, the JCMT Plane Survey and the the Spectral Legacy Survey.

I will also explore the possibilities for future

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