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2014 Seminar:

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Dr. Mi Kyoung Kim
Radio Research group
Class I methanol maser observations toward G10.32-0.26 with KVN/KaVA

We will report the result of KVN/KaVA observations for a star forming region, G10.32-0.26. To investigate the star forming process, it is important to study the kinematics and configurations of outflows and disk. Various maser emissions, which are compact and bright radio sources, arise the outflows and disks around the protostars.

Thus, they allow us to study the dynamics close to the YSO with high-resolution of miliarcsecond scale.

Class I methanol masers are also one of the tracers of star forming phenomena, and has become the focus of single-dish and interferometric observations. However, high-resolutions imaging observations for this maser emission is limited, because its extended structures are resolved out with VLBI resolutions.

On that point, KaVA has an advantage over other VLBI networks in observing Class I methanol masers for its shorter baselines of KVN array.

From 2013, we conducted 44/95 GHz Class I methanol maser observations towards G10.32-0.26 with KVN and KaVA.

We detected both 44 and 95 GHz methanol masers in this region, and succeed in imaging 44 GHz methanol maser features.

In this presentation, we will present the results of VLBI imaging of 44 GHz methanol masers in this region, and discuss the feasibility of 95 GHz methanol maser observation.

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