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Dr. Sang-Sung Lee
Detection of Linearly Polarized Emission from 3C 279 at 350 micron using CSO

We report detection of linearly polarized emission from the radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclius (AGN) 4C 279 at 350 micron.

We conducted polarization observations for 3C 279 using the SHARP polarimeter in the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO) on 2014 March 13 and 14. We detected the linear polarization with the degree of polarization of 15.5% (rms~4.1 %) and the Electric Vector Position Angle (EVPA) of 35.0 deg (rms ~ 3 deg). We also observed 3C 279 simultaneously at 22, 43, 86, and 129 GHz with the Korean VLBI Network (KVN) on 2014 March 6, 20 (single dish) and 22 (VLBI).

We found that the degree of polarization increases as goes higher frequencies and the integrated magnetic fields are perpendicular to the jet in the innermost regions, implying that the multifrequency polarized emission are generated in the region where the shock-in-jet model plays an important role.

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