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Friday Seminar

This seminar is a regular seminar for members of the radio astronomy division at KASI, which is held on every Friday.

  • Seminar Title: Friday Seminar [FS]
  • Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm
  • Location: Room 331-2, Jangyoungsil Hall, KASI
  • Language: Korean or English
  • Topics: topics related with your ongoing/finished works or interesting topics which you want to discuss

To sign up to give a Friday Seminar, e-mail Dr. Minsun Kim with your name, title of your talk, and the date you want to give it. Please note that we generally do not arrange the Friday Seminar outside of the regular schedule. In addition, a Tea Time with the speaker will start right after the seminar at the 2nd floor Lounge, Jangyoungsil Hall, KASI.

For detailed schedule, please click on the following link.

2014 Seminar:

08/08/2014   08/29/2014   09/19/2014   09/26/2014   10/24/2014   11/07/2014   11/21/2014   11/28/2014   12/05/2014  

2015 Seminar List:

01/23/2015   01/30/2015   02/13/2015   02/27/2015   03/20/2015   04/10/2015   05/08/2015   05/15/2015   05/22/2015   05/29/2015   06/05/2015   06/12/2015   07/03/2015   07/24/2015   07/31/2015   08/07/2015   08/28/2015   09/04/2015   09/18/2015   09/25/2015   10/02/2015   10/30/2015   11/06/2015   11/27/2015  

Special Seminar

This is a special seminar usually given by short-term visitors of the radio astronomy division at KASI. So there is no fixed schedule. If anybody wants to make a seminar arrangement for a visitor, please check the regular/special seminar schedule to avoid overlaps, and let us know the name, date, title, and abstract.

2014 Special Seminar:

08/26/2014   09/11/2014   11/11/2014   12/17/2014  

2015 Special Seminar List:


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