Korean VLBI Network (KVN)

Call for KVN Large Program (LP) Proposals

The KVN now enters into the full-fledged stage for its scientific use as a millimeter-wave VLBI array. The KVN Large Program (LP, previously known as Key Science Program) has been designed to look for unique science demon-strating the characteristics and advantages of the KVN. KVN invites large program proposals from Korean astronomical community.

Details of the information and current status of the KVN can be found in the KVN VLBI Status Report(KVN VLBI Status Report)

The KVN LP proposals can be submitted through the same procedure as other normal proposals, but will be reviewed and selected in a special selection committee. The LP should aim at a clear scientific goal which may manifest the strength and power of KVN.

The LP is recommended to request no more than 300 hours of VLBI or no more than 900 hours of Single-Dish observation time per year (for up to about 3years), and it should not be a combination of small programs. The proposer of the LP may be requested to present the proposal in the special selection committee. The evaluation result will be announced in not later than 6 months after the submission of the proposal. The proposals can include requests on system upgrade. In this case, it is strongly recommended to contact the KVN team for the technical feasibility well before the submission of the pro-posal. In case of Single-Dish LP, (semi-) automated observation based on scripts and/or remote observations are recommended for flexible time allo-cations.

Observation of successful LP proposal can begin within a year after the submission of the proposal. The KVN LP is open to all researchers working in Korea, and the KVN team will support the selected LPs fully for the success of the accepted proposals.

Proposals should be submitted to kvnprop@kasi.re.kr year-round.

Proposer should fill the KVN VLBI proposal form (Large program Tex File). Please carefully follow the instruction of the proposal form. A separate scientific and technical justification is mandatory. This Justification should be submitted together with the proposal form and not exceed 6 pages.

Hyun-Goo Kim
Director of Radio Astronomy Division, KASI

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