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KVN observation detail information
Exp_code Title PI Obs.Time Correlation Status
Correlated Distributed
f15022aKVN-Sejong Geodetic VLBI Test ExperimentChungsik Oh2015-01-22
s15tj01a Multi-frequency AGN Survey Test #1Taehyun Jung2015-01-19
n15bs01aNRAO150 curved jetBong Won Sohn2015-01-19
s15co01aKVN Maser Astrometry Test ExperimentChungsik Oh2015-01-17
s15mk01aKNV 4CH MFPR Maser Astrometry TestMikyoung Kim2015-01-16
p14sl01fiMOGABA21Sang-Sung Lee2015-01-15
n14et01bVirgo PR observation with 3Gbps modeEvangelia Tremou2015-01-13
t14sk02cW75N water maser polarizationSOON-WOOK KIM2015-01-13
s14tj08cKVN 2CH Astrometry TestTaehyun Jung2015-01-11
n14bs02bAGN KSP pilotBong Won Sohn2015-01-10
n14bs02aAGN KSP pilotBong Won Sohn2015-01-09
n14am02eSgr A*A.Miyazaki2015-01-08
n14jk01fMethnaol Maser Polarization VLBIJihyun Kang2015-01-07
p14sc02eKVN K/Q BAND AGB stars - NV AurSe-Hyung Cho2015-01-07
p14sc02dKVN K/Q BAND 43/86GHz AGB stars – Chi CygSe-Hyung Cho2015-01-07
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