KVN and VERA Array (KaVA)

Call for Proposal (CfP)

We invite proposals for the open use observations of the KaVA, a joint VLBI array of the KVN (Korean VLBI Network) and the VERA (VLBI exploration of Radio Astrometry). The joint array consists of three 21-m KVN telescopes and four 20-m VERA telescopes, with baseline lengths ranging from 300 km to 2300 km.


This open use call is to provide VLBI observations at 22GHz and 43GHz for astronomers in the world.

We support astronomers in the preparation of proposals, scheduling, and data analysis. For that reason, proposers who are not familiar with KaVA capability are strongly recommended to consult with KaVA experts prior to submission If it is difficult to find collaborators from VERA or KVN, please consult us to find one. The contact address for the support is kavaprop@kasi.re.kr.

In order to avoid conflicts and/or duplication of the targets between open use proposals and the existing KaVA Large Programs, proposers are highly recommended to visit KaVA Large Program (LP) webpage where KaVA LPs and their source list are presented at


Even though the proposed targets are listed in the LPs, they will be accepted as separate open use observations if the scientific goal of the proposals cannot be achieved with the data of the LPs. Otherwise, we encourage the proposers to collaborate with the science teams of the corresponding KaVA LPs.

Observations will be conducted with single polarization (LCP) and 1-Gbps data rate. From this call, KaVA will open phase-referencing observation mode. Please consult the KaVA status report for the details.


The total available observation time is up to 250 hours including EAVN open use and the observations will be scheduled between 15th January 2019 and 15th June 2019. The maximum observing time per proposal is limited to 100 hours. If requested, the observation time can be allocated over a year, until 15th January 2019, but the observation time will be still limited to 100 hours.

The deadline of submission is at 08:00 UTC on 1st November, 2018. .

Detailed information on the KaVA call-for-proposal can be found in the following webpage:


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KaVA ( KVN and VERA Array )