KVN and VERA Array (KaVA)

KaVA Observation Feedback

Exp_code Title PI Obs.Time Correlation Status
Correlated Distributed
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k13038aHMYSO Methanol Maser Fringe SurveyKee-Tae Kim2013-02-07
k13037bHMYSO Methanol Maser Fringe SurveyKee-Tae Kim2013-02-06
k13037aKVN 4CH MFPR Weak Source Detection TestTaehyun Jung2013-02-06
k13035bKVN 4CH MFPR Weak Source Detection TestTaehyun Jung2013-02-04
k13035aWeak Source DetectorThahyun Jung2013-02-04
k13028a89GHz HCO+ Fringe Detection Test for DR21Kee-Tae Kim2013-01-28
r13027b44GHz Methanol Maser ImagingKee-Tae Kim2013-01-27
k13025bSgrA* 22/43/86GHz obs.A.miyazaki2013-01-25
k13025aWeak AGN ImagingThahyun Jung2013-01-25
k13024aSgrA* 22/43/86GHz obs.Bong-Won Son2013-01-24
k13017cSgrA* structure variationBong-Won Son2013-01-17
k13017a22GHz Cal TestSoon-Wook Kim2013-01-17
k13017bFast switching testSoon-Wook Kim2013-01-17
k13015aKVN 4CH MFPR Weak Source Imaging TestThahyun Jung2013-01-15
k13014aRTM-24HR Test obs.Thahyun Jung2013-01-14
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KaVA ( KVN and VERA Array )