KVN and VERA Array (KaVA)

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KaVA User Support

Name E-mail address Related Field
T. Jung thjung@kasi.re.kr User Support Team (UST)
T. Hirota tomoya.hirota@nao.ac.jp User Support Team (UST)


Name E-mail address Related Field
H. Kobayashi hideyuki.kobayashi@nao.ac.jp Project Director, Total systems
K. M. Shibata k.m.shibata@nao.ac.jp Operation, Schedule management, Antenna site in general
T. Jike takaaki.jike@nao.ac.jp Geodetic measurement
T. Hirota tomoya.hirota@nao.ac.jp Performance for each antenna
M. Honma mareki.honma@nao.ac.jp Phase calibration, Data analysis


Name E-mail address Related Field
D. Y. Byun bdy@kasi.re.kr Array Operation and System Specification
S. S. Lee sslee@kasi.re.kr VLBI Performance
T. Jung thjung@kasi.re.kr Observation Preparation and Data Analysis
D. G. Roh dgroh@kasi.re.kr Correlation

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KaVA ( KVN and VERA Array )