KVN and VERA Array (KaVA)

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2017 KaVA/EAVN Joint Science Working Group Meeting

Venue (Access Map)

  • Address: (34055) Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Daedeokdae-ro 776, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
  • Phane: +82-42-865-3332
  • Location of KASI

    한국천문연구원 대전본원의 위치를 지도상에 나타낸 이미지입니다. 주소는 대전광역시 유성구 대덕대로 776 (화암동 61-1)입니다.

    KASI Map

    건물 배치 안내를 위한 이미지입니다. 정문입구로 진입하면 왼쪽 방향에 국제GPS기준점, 꿈돌이광장, 견우동, 은하수홀, 세종홀, 직녀동, 장영실홀과 주차장이 있으며 정문입구에서 가운대로 직진하면 테니스장과 주차장이 있습니다. 정문입구에서 오른쪽 방향에는 경비실, 기숙사와 주차장, 이원철홀, 빛마름동, 대던전파천문대, 태양망원경동과 주차장이 있습니다.


    At the Incheon Airport in Korea (ICN), flights from several airlines often arrive at nearly the same time, making it easier to get to immigration quickly. If you take a Korean airline, you will likely arrive at the main terminal. Otherwise, on arrival at ICN, you will proceed along a series of corridors and down the stairs to board a train to the main terminal (trains run every 5 minutes). The quickest way is to board at the third set of train doors from the right; you will exit on the same side you entered. When the train arrives at the main terminal, you can run upstairs to immigration, as it can be slow if the lines are long. Try the rightmost line for foreign passports, because they often open another line further to the right, so you can dash to the new line; in addition, if there is no line at the Korean citizens’ lane, agents will sometimes bring you there from the rightmost foreign lane.

    Luggage and Customs

    After immigration, there are boards giving your luggage carousel number. Go downstairs, take a free cart (push down on the handle to move it), collect your luggage, and walk through customs and out (slightly left) into the terminal lobby. It is better not to change money at the booths; instead, use your bank card at an ATM if necessary. Along the far wall by terminal exit 9 there is a booth labeled "Airport Limousine bus." Say you are going to "Daejeon" (day-jun); the ticket will cost 23,100 won. Then walk to the left outside along the terminal until you get to bus stop 9D by exit 9. There is also a bus ticket office outside if the one inside is crowded. The bus leaves every 20–30 minutes or so. Unless you have a lot of luggage, you can bring it on the bus with you. If you hand in your luggage to be placed underneath the bus, you will get a claim ticket; show this to the driver when you exit so that he or she will retrieve your luggage for you.

    Tips for transportation

    When arriving at the airport (either Incheon or Gimpo), it is useful to purchase a "T-Money" card, which can be used on all local public transport within Korea. There are two places to purchase a T-Money card: 1) At a metro station (e.g. the Airport Railroad Station at Incheon or Gimpo) 2) At a convenience store (e.g. CU, 711 or GS25). The staff at the convenience stores at the airports will speak English and know what you're asking for. These cards can also be topped up with money at any metro station or convenience store. To use a T-Money card on the metro, simply place the card on the card reader and walk through the fare gates. For the bus, touch the card on the T-Money reader at the front of the bus. Place it on the reader when leaving the bus via the back door.

    Using The Bus to KASI

    The bus takes 2.5–3 hours to get to Daejeon. There will usually be a 15-minute stop at a highway rest area on the way. After the bus exits the highway through the toll gate at Daejeon, it will be only 5 minutes until your stop. The bus will go along a tree-lined street with many research institutes; KASI will be on your left. You will pass it, and then the road will curve around and come to a Y intersection. Your stop is immediately after the bus turns right at the intersection. Walk back along the bus route for 15 minutes until you reach KASI (now on your right). If you have too much luggage to walk, take the bus one stop further to the Government Complex. There you can get a taxi to take you to KASI (roughly 10 minutes, 6000 won). If you are going to your hotel downtown, take a taxi from the Government Complex stop.

    Alternate travel, express train (KTX)

    If the buses sell out, or you just like trains and do not have much luggage, you can take trains from Incheon Airport to Daejeon. It takes about the same amount of time but requires more transfers. Follow the airport signs for ARex trains. You can buy a ticket all the way from the airport to Daejeon via Seoul Station (in which case they'll ticket you on a slightly later train to Daejeon to make sure you catch it), or buy a ticket to Seoul Station and then buy a ticket there to Daejeon on the very next train; it doesn't make much difference. I recommend that you use the local, not the express, ARex train to Seoul Station because it takes only 10 minutes longer but runs more frequently, so you'll probably arrive earlier (the express is more luxurious though). Seoul Station is the final stop; the local and express trains take 53 or 43 minutes and cost about 4000 or 8000 won, respectively. At Seoul Station, follow the signs upstairs to KTX, the express long-distance trains. If you already have your ticket, just go to the platform indicated; otherwise, buy your ticket after looking at the departure board to find the next train to Daejeon (any KTX heading to Busan will stop in Daejeon). The KTX takes 1 hour to reach Daejeon. At Daejeon Station, go upstairs and cross to the main area, and then go downstairs to the main exit. Follow the signs to the taxi rank. A taxi should take 20–30 minutes and cost ~11,000 won.

    Taxi from Daejeon Government Complex or Daejeon Station to KASI

    Taxi drivers will not recognize "KASI"; instead, say Chun-mun Yun-gu-wun. It is best to print out the KASI main web page or visitor guide so that you can show the driver the Korean characters.

    Getting to KASI using Public Transport

    KASI is served by a frequent city bus, number 301. This runs approximately every 8 minutes. The bus is easily taken from the Government Complex metro statation (which connects with Daejeon Station). The bus stop is near exit 3 (see attached map). To get to KASI, take the bus 8 stops and get off at "Cheon-Mun-Yeon-Gu-Won (천문연구원)". If you hear that the next stop is "A-pack" you have gone too far! The ride should take about 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.


    Hotel reservations are expected to be made by each participant. Please feel free to ask LOC (kava_2017_loc@kasi.re.kr) if you need assistance for hotel reservation.

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    KaVA ( KVN and VERA Array )