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2017 KaVA/EAVN Joint Science Working Group Meeting

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November 20(Mon.)

09:30-15:00 KaVA/EAVN Director's Meeting (@JYS 329)
15:00-15:30 KJCC Executive Board Meeting (@JYS 329)
(Anyone can participate in both meetings as an observer.)

November 21(Tue.)

10:00~12:00 Registration (@Eunhasoo Hall 1F Lobby)
12:00~13:30 Lunch
Parallel Session: KaVA/EAVN Science Working Group Meeting
13:30~ Evolved Stars @JYS 331-1 Convener: Se-Hyung Cho, Hiroshi Imai
14:00~ AGN @JYS 331-2 Convener: Bong Won Sohn, Motoki Kino
14:00~ Star Formation @JYS 329 Convener: Kee-Tae Kim, Tomoya Hirota
15:30~ Galactic Astrometry @SJ 2F Convener: Chungsik Oh, Nobuyuki Sakai
* JYS: Jang Young-Sil Hall      ** SJ: Sejong Hall

November 22(Wed.)    KASI Auditorium at Eunhasoo Hall 1F

09:00~09:10 Opening Remarks (Cho, Se-Hyung)
Session I: Status Related to KaVA/EAVN (1) (Chair: Jung, Taehyun)
09:10~09:30 Byun, Do-Young KASI Activities on the Extended KVN
09:30~09:50 Fujisawa, Kenta Yamaguchi Univ. The Recent Status of JVN
09:50~10:10 Jaroenjittichai, Phrudth NARIT Status of the RANGD Project
10:10~10:40 Break/Poster Session
Session II: Status Related to KaVA/EAVN (2) (Chair: Sawada-Satoh, Satoko)
10:40~11:00 Sugiyama, Koichiro NAOJ KaVA PET Activities and New Observation Modes in 2018A
11:00~11:20 Cho, Ilje KASI/UST The Amplitude Calibrations for East-Asian VLBI Network and the C2 Digital Filger Mode Test for KaVA
11:20~11:40 Hada, Kazuhiro NAOJ EAVN Campaign Observations of Sgr A/M87
11:40~11:50 Zhang, Bo SHAO FAST and Its VLBI Applications
11:50-13:20 Lunch/Poster Session
Session III: VLBI Astrometry (Chair: Oh, Chungsik)
13:20~13:40 Sakai, Nobuyuki NAOJ Progress and Timeline for KaVA Astrometry Mode Open
13:40~14:00 Zhang, Bo SHAO Verifying Gaia Parallaxes of Long Period Variables via VLBI Maser Astrometry
14:00~14:20 Xu, Shuangjing SHAO QSO-Pair Observation for KaVA Astrometry
14:20-14:40 Break/Poster Session
Session IV: Interim Review of the KaVA Large Program
14:40~15:20 Imai, Hiroshi Kagoshima Univ. KaVA Large Programs on Circumstellar Masers:ESTEMA and Full LP
15:20~16:00 Kino, Motoki Kogakuin Univ./NAOJ In-Depth Study of Plasma Flows around Super-Massive Black Holes: Intensive Monitoring of M87 and Sagittarius A*
16:00~16:40 Hirota, Tomoya NAOJ Understanding High-Mass Star Formation through KaVA Observations of Water and Methanol Masers (2) --- Second Year
16:40~17:30 Break/Poster Session
16:50~17:30 Internal Meeting of KaVA Large Program Review Committee (@JYS 329)
18:00 - Banquet

November 23(Thu.)    KASI Auditorium at Eunhasoo Hall 1F

Session V: AGN (1) (Chair: Hada, Kazuhiro)
09:00~09:20 An, Tao SHAO VLBI Observations of Supermassive Black Hole Binaries and Dual AGN
09:20~09:40 Sawada-Satoh, Satoko Kagoshima Univ. AGN Molecular Torus of NGC 1052 Revealed by KVN
09:40~10:00 Hodgson, Jeffrey KASI GRB-Like Emission in 3C 84
10:00~10:30 Break/Poster Session
Session VI: Interim Review of the KVN Key Science Program (Chair: Minh, Young Chol)
10:30~11:00 Cho, Se-Hyung KASI Simultaneous Monitoring Observations of KVN 4 Bands toward Evolved Stars
11:00~11:30 Lee, Sang-Sung KASI What the iMOGABA Tells Us about Gamma-Ray Bright AGNs
11:30~12:00 Trippe, Sascha SNU First Results from PAGaN: The Multi-Frequency Polarization of Blazar Radio Cores from KVN Observations
12:00~13:30 Lunch/Poster Session
Session VII: AGN (2)
13:30~13:50 Fujita, Kazuhiro Yamaguchi Univ. The Study of Possible Radio Counterparts to Unassociated Gamma-Ray Sources in Fermi/LAT 2nd Catalog with KaVA Observation at 23 GHz
13:50~14:10 Zhao, Guang-Yao KASI KaVA AGN Large Program on Sgr A*
14:10~14:30 Lee, Jeong Ae SNU KVNCS3: The Progress Report of Pilot Imaging Survey and New Proposal
14:30~15:00 Break/Poster Session
Session VIII: Star-Forming Regions and Galactic Sources (Chair: Kramer, Busaba)
15:00~15:20 Kim, Jungha NAOJ/GUAS Dynamics of Jet/Outflow Driven by High-Mass Young Stellar Object Revealed by KaVA 22 GHz Water Maser Observations
15:20~15:40 Kang, Sung-Ju KASI Multiple Molecular Line Analysis in the Planck Cold Clumps with KVN Follow-Up Observations
15:40~16:00 Jiang, Wu SHAO Detecting the Adjacent Magnetar to Sgr A* with EAVN
16:00~16:40 Discussion and Summary
16:40~16:50 Honma, Mareki NAOJ Closing Remarks
Poster Presentations
P-1 Jung, Taehyun KASI Multi-Frequency AGN Survey with KVN (MASK):Current Status and Future Plan
P-2 Oh, Se-Jin KASI Recent Status for KJCC
P-3 Wajima, Kiyoaki KASI The East-Asian VLBI Network: Roadmap for EAVN Open Use
Note on the oral/poster presentations
■ Each oral presentation will last 20 minutes (15+5) except the following.
    Session IV (Interim Review of the KaVA Large Program): 40 minutes (30+10)
    Session VI (Interim Review of the KVN Key Science Program): 30 minutes (20+10)
    Short presentation: 10 minutes (8+2)

■ Maximum poster size of A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm) is acceptable for each presentation.

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