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Radio astronomy winter school 2015


Radio astronomy has been playing an essential role in deepening the human understanding of the universe for recent 90 years, and in East Asian regions there have been a plenty of on-going radio astronomy activities both in observational astronomical research and technical development for future radio astronomy projects.

UST-GUAS Radio Astronomy Winter School 2015, held on 10-13 February 2015 in Jeju Island in Korea, is planned to provide introductory courses of radio astronomy to undergraduate and master-course students, especially those who are interested in conducting future radio astronomy research in Asian countries.

The main topics covered in the winter school are:

  • Introduction to the radio astronomy world and the basics of radio observations
  • Currently on-going and future radio astronomy projects, especially those related with Korea, Japan and East Asian Countries
  • Science high-lights in the modern radio astronomy

The winter school also includes tutorial/demo sessions for radio astronomy data analysis as well as the visit to the KVN Tamna 21m radio telescope.

In order to support participations of young students, local expense in Jeju (including costs for hotel room, meal, and tour to the KVN telescope) will be provided by the sponsor institution (UST, Korea, and GUAS/SOKENDAI, Japan). Support to the flight may be provided (only partially), but the amount is dependent of the budgetary condition and it is subject to change.

Due to the capacity limitation of the winter school venue, we expect that the maximum number of acceptable students is around 50.

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