East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN)

Nanshan 26-m Telescope

The Nanshan 26-m Telescope (hereafter NSRT26) has a Cassegrain-type design with a 26-m diameter main reflector and a 3-m sub-reflector on Az-El mount. The telescope was constructed in 1991 with 25-m-diameter main reflector, while refurbishment of the telescope was completed in 2015 resulting in enlargement of the main reflector of 26 m and improvement of the antenna surface accuracy. Receivers at five frequency bands, L, S/X, C, K, and Q, are equipped, while the new Q-band cooled receiver has been installed in 2018 and is under evaluation. The surface accuracy of main- and sub-reflectors are 0.18 mm rms and 0.1 mm rms, respectively. The slewing rates of the main reflector are 1.0◦/sec in azimuth and 0.5◦/sec in elevation, as shown in Table 2. The aperture efficiency of NSRT26 is 60% at K-band (see Table 3).

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