East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN)


In 2018B semester, 9 radio telescopes (KVN three 21 m, VERA four 20 m, Nobeyama 45 m, and Tianma 65 m) are available for EAVN open use, as shown in Figure 1. Refer to the KaVA Status Report for more details about KaVA's array performance. Two observing frequencies, 22 (K-band) and 43 GHz (Q-band), are opened in 2018B semester. The maximum angular resolution is 1.2 mas at K-band and 0.6 mas at Q-band, both of which are determined by the maximum baseline length of KaVA (2,270 km between VERA-Mizusawa and VERA-Ishigakijima stations). The geographic locations and coordinates of Nobeyama and Tianma, as well as KaVA, are summarized in Table 1. Figure 2 shows examples of (u, v) coverage.

Figure 2: Examples of (u, v) coverage for an EAVN observation at 22 GHz (upper panels) and 43 GHz (lower panels) with the source's declination of +60◦ (left panels), +20◦ (middle panels), and -20◦ (right panels). Total observation duration of 10 hours is assumed for all cases.

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EAVN ( East Asia VLBI Network )