East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN)

Observation and Correlation

KaVA/EAVN members take full responsibility for observation and correlation process, and thus basically proposers will not be asked to take part in observations or correlations. Observations are proceeded by operators from each side (KVN and VERA) and correlated data is delivered to the users in approximately two months including the time for media shipping to KJCC at Daejeon.

After the correlation, the user will be notified where the data can be downloaded by email. After one month later of a correlated data distribution to PIs, disk modules which contains raw observing data can be recycled without notice. Therefore, PIs should investigate the correlated output carefully. For re-correlation or raw data keeping of the data, PI should provide adequate evidence in order to justify his/her request. If there is an issue related to correlated data, PI should consult a support scientist first or the correlator team (kjcc (at-mark) kasi.re.kr), and not to ask KJCC members directly.

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EAVN ( East Asia VLBI Network )