East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN)

Observation Mode

EAVN provides two types of observation modes depending on array configuration and observing frequency. The 'EAVN22' consists of KaVA 7 telescopes and Tianma 65-m telescope (Tianma65) at 22 GHz, and the 'EAVN43' consists of KaVA, Tianma65, and Nobeyama 45-m telescope (NRO45) at 43 GHz. Both observation modes are conducted with single polarization and with the data recording rate of 1 Gbps (total bandwidth of 256 MHz). Two types of setup of the digital filter ('C4 mode' with 8 IFs X 32 MHz, and 'C5 mode' with 16 IFs X 16 MHz) are available for the 'EAVN22', while only C4 mode is available for the 'EAVN43'. Available observing mode of EAVN is summarized in Table 6. Note that the array configuration of only 'KaVA + NRO45 + Tianma65' is acceptable for the 'EAVN43' mode, and we do not accept proposals for usage of a subset of EAVN, such as 'KaVA + Tianma65' and 'KaVA + NRO45' for the 'EAVN43' mode in 2018B semester. Note also that the 'EAVN43' mode is available from 1st December 2018 to 15th January 2019 due to the availability of NRO45, as mentioned in Section 3.1.

Table 6: Available observing mode of EAVN.
Telescope KaVA, Tianma
(8 telescopes)
KaVA, Nobeyama, Tianma
(9 telescopes)
Frequency 22 GHz 43 GHz
Backend mode C4, C5 C4
Recording rate 1 Gbps 1 Gbps a
Polarization Left-hand circular polarization (LHCP)
Correlator Daejeon Hardware Correlator
a Nobeyama's data are recorded with 2 Gbps and reprocessed to 1 Gbps.

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EAVN ( East Asia VLBI Network )