East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN)

About Korean VLBI Network

The Krean VLBI Network consists of 3 stations which have same performance, that is the KVN is a VLBI array. The antenna of KVN has very unique receiver system which can observe four different frequencies simultaneously.

Although the baseline length of KVN is short less than 500 km, their receiver system is quite unique. The KVN receiver system has four different frequencies (22, 43, 86, 129 GHz) and these frequencies can be observed simultaneously. Any VLBI telescopes in the world do not have such a unique system. Moreover because a recent interests of VLBI development/experiment/science is mm-VLBI, the KVN will lead the mm-VLBI studies in the world. Moreover, the short baseline VLBI can detect object with extended structure, therefore the KVN provides us new sciences.

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Brief History

  • 2008 First light and first fringe (Yonsei station)
  • 2009 First light and first fringe (Ulsan and Tamna station)
  • 2010
    KVN and international VLBI observation (with VERA) start
    Correlator, KJCC operation start

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EAVN ( East Asia VLBI Network )