East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN)

About East Asia VLBI Network

The East Asia VLBI Network consists of radio telescopes in China, Japan and Korea. An Operation of EAVN started from 2010, however the current EAVN is still a performance testing phase. The EAVN consortium member and related astronomer have a meeting and discuss about EAVN every year.

Now there are 4 stations in China, 12 stations in Japan and 3 stations in Korea, therefore the EAVN consists of 19 stations. The performance of each telescope (e.g. diameter and receivers) has variation, the EAVN is quite unique VLBI network in the world. Main observing wavelength is a centimeter which emits from star forming region, evolved star, X-ray binary and active galactic nuclei(AGNs).

The EAVN can carry out various sciences. For example, the EAVN can reveal a rotation and infall of massive protostellar disk in the star forming region, a dynamics and origin of outflow from the protostar, kinematics of gas around evolved star, jets from X-ray binary or micro-quasar and kinematics of jets from AGNs.

Because new radio telescopes are constructing now in the east asia, the performance of EAVN will become better, the future EAVN will be able to discover a new phenomena and science. The EAVN astronomers discuss about a vision of future EAVN.

Brief History

  • 2002 Korea-Japan VLBI symposium (Gyeongju, Korea)
  • 2003 Japan-Korea VLBI symposium (Yamaguchi, Japan)
  • 2003 Propose EAV Network
  • 2004 1st EAVN consortium meeting (AP-RASC'04, Qingdao, China)
  • 2004 Korea-Japan VLBI symposium (Jeju Island, Korea)
  • 2005 Japan-Korea VLBI symposium (Ishigaki, Japan)
  • 2006 Korea-Japan VLBI symposium (Ulsan, Korea)
  • 2008
    1st EAV workshop (Shanghai, China)
    EAV mini workshop -Science of methanol maser- (Shanghai, China)
    1st Fringe detection between Yonsei (KVN) and Mizusawa telescope (VERA)
  • 2009
    2nd EAV workshop (Soul, Korea)
    1st Fringe detection between Shanghai (CVN), Yonsei (KVN) and Mizusawa (VERA)
  • 2010
    3rd EAV workshop (Kagoshima, Japan)
    EAV performance test start
  • 2011 4th EAV workshop (Lijiang, China)
  • 2012 5th EAV workshop (Taipei, Taiwan)

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EAVN ( East Asia VLBI Network )