Korean VLBI Network (KVN)


KVN station has two recording systems, Mark5b and Mark5b+.

Mark5b and Mark5b+ recording systems

Mark5b and Mark5b+ are hard disk recording systems developed at Haystack observatory. The maximum data rate of Mark5b and Mark5b+ systems are 1Gbps and 2Gbps, respectively. For more details, please see http://www.haystack.mit.edu/tech/vlbi/mark5. At KVN stations, Mark5b records the output data stream of digital filter and Mark5b+ records 2Gbps data stream which is one 512MHz-bandwidth data stream. Refer to receiver block diagram section for data stream connection and digital filter mode section for available bandwidth and number of channels of 1Gbps data stream. Mark5b and Mark5b+ can be used simultaneously for 3(=1+2) Gbps recording.

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Korean VLBI Network