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The 2nd Generation of KVN Key Science Program
Call for Proposal

Call for Proposals 2020B

The Korean VLBI Network (KVN, http://kvn.kasi.re.kr/ ) invites key science proposals. Principal investigators of the proposals should be affiliated to Korean research institutes and universities. Observations will be scheduled from 2020 August 15. Proposals should be emailed to kvnprop@kasi.re.kr before the deadline of UT 08:00 (KST 17:00) on 2020 January 15. The review results of the proposal will be announced until 2020 March 31.

Important notes for 2020B

  1. The available frequency bands are 22/43/86/129 GHz in 8Gbps and in dual polarization.
  2. The total available time for all KSP proposals is around 1,000 hours per year.
  3. The maximum requested time per a proposal is 500 hours per year.
  4. The maximum duration of each proposal is 3 years. In case of requesting a total period of more than 2 years, an intermediate evaluation will be performed in late second year of the project.
  5. The PI of each proposal is encouraged to establish a research team consisting of experts in international community.
  6. For proposals asking for a challenging research topic in observational detection/mode of KVN, it is possible to request in the proposals feasibility-test time (its length is not strictly limited but should be reasonable) for the 2020A season (e.g., 2020 January 15~June 15). The proposal may be accepted conditionally. The final decision of the proposal will be made depending on the results of the feasibility test, whose reports should be submitted to kvnprop@kasi.re.kr no later than 2020 June 30.

Proposal Preparation and Submission

The proposer should consult the webpage from here. All proposals must be prepared using the KVN proposal form for VLBI observation or single dish observation and submitted to kvnprop@kasi.re.kr. The scientific and technical justification must be provided within maximum 6 pages. In addition, we strongly recommend proposers to describe previous observations, publications, and feasibility test results relevant to the proposals if any.

Further Information

General information can be found in the http://kvn.kasi.re.kr/ including user support. Following email accounts are available for questions regarding proposals, observations, and any other questions:

  • kvnobs@kasi.re.kr : observing schedule submission, observation related requests and questions for the accepted proposal only.
  • kvnhelp@kasi.re.kr: general questions from the users including scheduling, observations, systems, and so on (regardless of the proposal acceptance).

Kee-Tae Kim
Director of Radio Astronomy Division
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

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