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GPS receiver installed in each KVN station

One GPS receiver was installed at each KVN station. By estimating atmospheric wet delay and TEC(Total Electron Content) over all KVN stations, we expect to improve the accuracy of phase referencing and astrometric observations.

A 6.7GHz receiver installed in KVN Ulsan Radio Observatory

In 2013 August, the 6.7 GHz receiver was installed in KVN Ulsan. The KVN Ulsan was chosen for the installation based on RFI measurements. The first light was obtained soon after the installation. Single dish performance tests have been conducted. We expect to operate the KVN Ulsan at 6.7GHz in single dish and VLBI modes mainly for the observations toward 6.7GHz class II CH3OH masers.

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Korean VLBI Network (KVN)